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The "Thank You" Shirt Collection

The goal of this collection is to take second hand cotton shirts and give it a new life and meaning. Each shirt is washed throughly, and screenprinted with clay. It is then naturally dyed with Indigo.


“Thank You” means many things to me. Giving thanks is a way to embrace good vibes. It’s also a way to bid farewell gracefully. It is a way to let go of the old, as well as a way to welcome the generosity of others. The rose design is based on an old embroidery drawing my Grandmother did in the 1950’s. When you stop to look around all the things that already exist to support us, there is much thanks to be had.

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Don’t see your size? Check back regularily, I will add more sizes and types of upcycled shirts regularily.

Have an old white shirt?

If you want to give it new life instead of throwing it out, contact me about adding the “thank you” design or something custom!