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Not quite wild.
Not quite tame.
Something better.


Feral – the domesticated that is re-wilded

Hi! I’m Nadine, the founder and artist behind everything here. I was inspired by  the name “Feral” while on a tour of a state park in Florida. We were crossing a lake inhabited by Alligators, when our tour guide started describing the origin of the feral pigs surrounding the park. He explained what it meant to be feral; that the animal was wild, then taken and domesticated, and then somehow returned back out to be wild again. This idea of “Feral” stuck with me since then.

In a effort to have more of a connection to the Earth around me as well as to lower my Ecological impact, I’ve learned how to create my own adornments with natural materials. I’ve created this brand so that I can share some of my favorite things I make for myself with others. I hope that it also helps you to reconnect to the Earth around you.