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Relax Wrap


Everything’s going to be alright, Relax Wrap is here now.

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Even the most grounded and embodied babes suffer from aches and pains from time to time. We designed the Relax Wrap for when your sumptuous sinews and beautiful bones aren’t feeling their best!

Inspired by the home remedies of our founder’s mother (a longtime sinus-pain sufferer), this lavender-filled wrap exerts a comforting pressure and calming aroma, but is stylish enough to wear out! Just pop it in the microwave, tie, and go! 


  • over the ears to open sinuses and soothe headaches. 
  • as a neckerchief for light support that tackles pain & anxiety during travel & work.
  • as a waist belt for cramps & discomfort in the abdomen/back. 
  • over tired lids to ease symptoms of dry-eye.

This original design is hand-crafted in California from upcycled linens, and comes in a variety of naturally-dyed hues. It is filled with French Lavender buds and Flaxseeds.


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